Launching - a project that I've been working for quite some time. This web app let's you figure out trends within blockchain related github repositories.

How to align types between Backend and Frontend Typescript applications

One of the topics I see TypeScript developers have confusion with, when developing a Fullstack application - is how to align types between Backend and Frontend applications.

5 Best AI tools for developers

Recently, I see a lot of articles being posted about AI tools for developer. But it seems like majority of those are made not by developers themselves, but by writers, or marketers. Here I want to go over some AI tools that I or my colleagues use in day-to-day work. I want for you to really get the sense of the tools that can make your life easier as an engineer and I hope you'll find some tool you haven't used/heard of.

The curious case of Agents in AI, how to Auto GPT

In AI, an intelligent agent (IA) is an independent entity, a computer program, a system which perceives, observes and operates upon its environment, makes decisions, takes actions to achieve a usually predefined goal(s).

HTML ARIA role attribute - a convenient Testing Library query table

It's March 2023 and there is a good trend going around with using testing-library and its ...ByRole query. I quite like querying elements this way, but to be honest with you sometimes it's not all that clear wether which role do you have in your components if any. So I thought I would write a small post about it and include a cheat-sheet for the most common roles.

Soft Skills To Pass Your Coding Interview

In this article, I'll try to go over some essential "Soft Skills" for coding interviews. The way you communicate, but with your code.